LIFE3 Board

cube About Us...

Learning In Fine-arts Expression, Education and Experience, Inc. (LIFE3) is a 501(c)(3) organization established in 2008.

Established by Nicole Giddings, Kimara Bedassie, Oronde Giddings, Joan Giddings, Bianca Bedassie and the late Louis Giddings to serve underserved communities. LIFE3 programs...

  • empower youth to use creativity as an outlet for expression,
  • teach youth how to present issues relevant to their generation via media arts,
  • provide youth with career insight, methodologies, and practical experience in the field of media production, and
  • impart to youth the responsibility to promote positive images and messages in their work.

The vision of LIFE3 is to "uplift, educate and inspire" through creative arts. Our mission is to lay the foundation for achievement through good character, creativity, professionalism and purpose, while increasing school and community appreciation for the arts.

Joining LIFE3 in our mission are teachers and professional advisors from the film, television, music, literary, and theatrical art industries.


LIFE3 evolved out of creative writing workshops. These workshops encouraged students to apply their basic skills to develop creative writing projects (short stories, poetry, comic books).  Students begain submitting independent writing projects and expressing the desire to learn more about the media arts. What resulted was the creation of various creative arts programs.

Founders and Board of Directors

Oronde Giddings

President and Director of Creative Development Division

Kimara Bedassie

Vice President and Director of Executive Division

Nicole Giddings

Secretary and Director of Operations Division

Joan Giddings

Treasure and Director of Finance Division


LIFE3 Business Advisory members are experts in areas considered vital to our corporate business operation.  Members provide information and/or resources that promote and sustain our business.

LIFE3 Creative Development Advisory members are professionals who provide information and/or resources in their areas of expertise that promote our creative and curriculum development services.

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